Our focus is on providing the highest quality plants to the local population in the East Bay. We carry plants that can thrive in our area; that’s why you will find a good variety of citrus trees, but no avocado trees. We know the Oakland climate and we love giving advice on what will thrive in your yard, based on your lighting conditions and soil.

We offer a wide variety of perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees. We source our plants from trusted local suppliers, and we take pride in buying from suppliers who focus on environmental sustainability and high quality rather than mass production. We oversee all the plants that come in to make sure they are up to our standards. We have established a 50% off area where you can scoop up plants that have been in their pots a tad too long, an initiative we established to avoid throwing out plants that are healthy but that just want to find a bigger home asap.

We have long experience offering more draught tolerant options, and strive to have an excellent selection of succulents and natives.