Tired of the Good Old Christmas Tree?

It’s that time of year again. Pile into the car, then drive to the tree lot. Try to find the least dry, least damaged tree out there. Strap it to the roof, drive precariously home. Wrangle it through the door, pray you measured correctly. Set it in the stand. Sweep up needles until New Year’s.

Sometimes practicality just doesn’t allow for your dream pine (or spruce or fir) to fit in your apartment, or you’re looking for a different look or a more sustainable alternative. Check out some of Broadway Terrace’s other (living) options this holiday season and through the rest of the year.

Lavender cone

Lavender cone

A Norfolk Pine crowning our table

A Norfolk Pine crowning our table

Rosemary and Lavender Cones

Rosemary and lavender cones are herbal alternatives to your typical holiday trees. Choose rosemary for a more traditional tree color and texture, or lavender for lovely silver foliage. Both will fill your home with a cheerful floral scent, and grow and bloom when planted outside in bright sun. Enjoy them in pasta sauce or fragrant sachets all year round!

Norfolk Pine

The Norfolk Pine is one for you house-plant lovers. It’s a deceptively tropical tree, not related to a pine at all. Remember to place it in bright constant indirect light, and to always water when the surface of its soil is dry. A humidifier or good periodical misting will keep it green and lush. This plant can reach 5’ in height indoors and can be a trusty tree for many holidays to come.

Other Holiday Classics


Our poinsettias come in red in 4” diameter containers to 10”—or shake things up with a white bloom, speckled Marbella, pink or blushing two-tone variety. To make your poinsettas last, care is incredibly important! They dry our quickly so water frequently, but make sure never to get water on the flower or leaves. They can be prone to mold and root rot, so keeping them out of the dark or cold is also imperative.

Bring your favorite container for us to fill with poinsettas to make a stunning party centerpiece, or a faithful accent to your tree and tinsel.


Amaryllises are another elegant, lost-lasting holiday bloom that can impress for a month or more. And care is a breeze. Just plant in good potting soil and keep in bright, indirect light. Warmth will encourage it to bloom faster. Pick one of our budded amaryllises for a plant that will bloom in a matter of weeks rather than starting with a bulb which can take up to a month to reach the blooming stage.

At the nursery, we can dress them up with fresh pine and cedar branches, pinecones, berries and a little holiday sparkle to make a gift that will wow.

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