Environmental sustainability

We strongly believe that in order to solve the climate crisis, every actor in society will need to embrace radical lifestyle changes. 

At BTN, we strive to be part of the solution by: 

Avoiding all single use plastic, and otherwise only carry products made from recyclable or preferably recycled plastic. We try to avoid plastic all together. 

Minimizing waste and focusing on re-use.

We source products from suppliers who use more sustainable production methods.

We only provide very minimal and eco-friendly gift wrapping.

We sell products that are compostable or recyclable, and we encourage quality over quantity. 

Social sustainability

Inequality and the lack of access to welfare is a sad reality of our current societies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Bay Area where rents have skyrocketed and lots of people are struggling to get by.

At BTN we believe in:

Paying our workers a living wage and giving them career opportunities that will give them increased job security.  

Helping build stronger and caring communities and engaging in collaborative business practices and focusing on local art and supporting small business ventures. 

Giving back to society through donations, volunteer work and by spreading awareness of acute social issues. 


We want to be on team nature! During the past year we have taken steps to decrease our environmental footprint:

  • We have eliminated all harmful pesticides and chemicals from our sales inventory  

  • We have drastically reduced the amount of plastic in our inventory and our goal is to eliminate single use plastic all together

  • We have implemented digital solutions for ordering and point of sale

  • We source our plant material from local growers with high eco-standards

  • We offer a line of biodegradable pots and are continuously looking for new vendors who prioritize the environment

  • Our receipts are BPA free and eco-friendly   

  • We carry pottery from local artists who focus on sustainability in production and delivery

  • We work with our suppliers to improve the overall sustainability of all the products we carry

  • We are mindful of our water use

  • We have established a 50% off section for plants that would have otherwise been composted and we have drastically improved our throw-away rate

  • We promote native plants and drought tolerant options

Plants remove CO2 and pollutants from the air and contribute to vital habitats for bees and birds and eco-systems